Support successful teaming with The Grove’s Team Performance System. We facilitate teams at any scale and level—individual, organization-wide, senior leadership, cross-boundary work groups and more.

The Grove’s Team Performance System, rooted in the The Drexler/Sibbet Team Performance Model®, provides a common organization-wide framework for teaming across functions, cultures, and distances. Flexible and scaleable, it is loaded with accessible and action-oriented best practices.

From a single team to organization-wide implementation, we can help your teams improve communication, solve problems, make decisions, reduce conflict, clarify multi-function work processes, and align around priorities and purpose. Use The Grove's time-tested tools, consulting support, train-the-trainer services, and customized online teaming tools to get your teams on track.

Team Improvement Sessions

Teams make positive changes when they receive reliable data on performance and have a chance to discuss ways to improve. To ensure this result, we work with you to offer the Team Performance Survey™along with our well-tested meeting designs and best practices.

Our expert consultants interview the team leader, provide context-setting material for the team, administer the Survey, and interpret the results with the leader. Using the team’s unique profile, we design and facilitate one or more team-improvement sessions that allow the team to explore its strengths and learning opportunities. During the sessions, we lead the team through activities that strengthen relationships while augmenting the team’s ability to achieve high performance. We provide tools that the team can use going forward to self-manage and self-adjust as new issues arise.

We offer these sessions for face-to-face, virtual, and blended teams or work groups.

Roll Out Team Performance in Your Organization

Expand your internal team-development capabilities and create a shared language and common model for teaming across your organization. We can work with you to integrate team development within your existing organizational plan. (For large-scale organizational visioning and change, see our Organization Change services.)

We collaborate with you to craft and deliver a customized plan for introducing the Team Performance System, including training your own trainers, planning initial team involvement, leading assessments and team improvement sessions, disseminating the results, and developing the rollout plan to take Team Performance to all of your teams.

Train-the-Trainer in Team Performance

We are invested in your success! The Grove can train your internal human-resources or learning-and-development staff to offer the Team Performance workshop to your teams and leaders in-house so you can bring Team Performance to your organization sustainably and independently.

Team Performance Training and Certification

Our public training programs are ideal for consultants and professionals who wish to add Team Performance solutions to their toolkit. Our public Team Performance workshop, offered several times a year in San Francisco, will equip you to support a high-performing team culture within any organization.

Online Custom Team Tools

We can work with you to create a tailored online teaming library that includes tools and best practices from our extensive collection and from your organization’s tried-and-true methods. The library can be housed behind your own firewall and provides a shared teaming context and model for your dispersed teams. Contact us to view a demo and discuss creating your own team tools library.

License Our Teaming Products

The Grove has a variety of licensing offerings for embedding high-performance tools and methods organization-wide.

Teaming Tools at the Grove Store

Visit the Grove store, where you'll find many resources and templates for team improvement, visual planning, and meeting facilitation. For all product-related questions, email, or call 415.561.2500 ext. 1.

We have applied the (Drexler/Sibbet) Team Performance Model® and graphic-facilitation tools and processes to three different teams within our organization since we received our training from The Grove. These teams were in different parts of our business (both manufacturing and product development) and had very different objectives and team member skill sets. In each case the teams performed effectively and the team members were highly motivated throughout the process.

Team-Development Specialist

Major Medical Equipment Manufacturer

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Learn more about working with The Team Performance System.

Visual Teams Book

In his book, Visual Teams: Graphic Tools for Commitment, Innovation, & High Performance, Grove founder David Sibbet explains how to use visuals across the whole arc of a team’s productive life.


Watch an overview of the Team Performance System.

David Sibbet summarizes the Team Performance Model.

For Team Leaders

Make the Team Leader Guide and its best practices your go-to resource.


At The Grove's Team Performance workshop, learn methods and tools for cultivating high-performing teams. The full Grove Public Workshops schedule is here.