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Tiffany Forner

Creative Director


Tiffany has spent most of her professional career at The Grove Consultants International. She joined in 1998 and has experienced many enriching and learning experiences in the field of Organization Development. As Creative Director she has her hands in many projects — delivering on client needs, developing products and working with The Grove’s internal marketing team. 


She has worked with many clients on Storymap projects, bringing a sense of visual and narrative clarity to complex information. The process is not only about creating a communication piece, but also about facilitating engagement and learning for the client. She’s been working on these kinds of information mapping projects for over 20 years and each one is a unique and interesting challenge.

Meeting Media

Tiffany also uses her graphic design knowledge to develop visual templates, posters, booklets and presentations for visually facilitated meetings.

Client List

Atlantic Health System
Cal Poly Pomona (see case study)
Environmental Defense Fund
Garfield Foundation
KAAUH University Hospital
National Academy Foundation (see case study)
National Science Foundation (see case study)
Neighborworks America
The Unity Council (see case study)
U.S. Dept of Education
VMWare (see case study)

Product Design

She’s collaborated on several published products including The Grove’s Personal Compass and The Grove’s Career Compass. These workbooks take the reader through a visual templated process, making complex situations and decisions easier.

Illustration & Fine Art

In addition to her design work, Tiffany is also an accomplished illustrator, using her skills for client projects and Grove marketing. She has a background in painting, and exhibited her work for several years. 


The World of Visual Facilitation—Unlock Your Power to Connect People & Ideas. Chapter entitled: “Storymap Project Lessons: A Designers Perspective.”


For more about Tiffany Forner, see her website.

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