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Laurie Durnell

Principal Consultant

Laurie Durnell applies more than 25 years of diverse experience in facilitation, strategy formation, team development and management training to her work in organizational consulting and information design. Her clients include public, private and public-benefit organizations.

Laurie is known for her strategic acumen, visual facilitation mastery and results-driven collaborative style. At the heart of this work is her appreciation that people’s ability to understand and respond to complexity is greatly enhanced when they can literally see what is happening and are directly involved in the process.


  • Developed a strategic vision for a global manufacturing organization. The process and rollout to align the organization around a new strategic direction were so successful that she facilitated ongoing development of a strategic business framework for the senior division management team.
  • Facilitated culture development with a senior management team to: agree on the major elements of a corporate culture for the merged enterprise; identify how this target culture could be conveyed to the organization at large; identify key initiatives that could begin to seed the target culture during the merger process; and identify a process for stewarding the evolution of the target culture.
  • Co-facilitated a 250-person visioning process entitled “Winning Through Innovation” in a highly successful division of a technology company balancing mature and entrepreneurial businesses. Participants envisioned success strategies within four economic scenarios ranging from boom to bust. Collaborated with groupware firm Covision® to support productivity, forthrightness and fast response.
  • Led the launch and on-going facilitation, coaching and support of a senior management group facing a merger. Regular meetings were split between a primary focus on work issues and just-in-time training, dialogue, and coaching on team-development issues.
  • Led six strategic initiative teams in an insurance company to develop Grove Storymaps® illustrating the company’s vision and the case for change: a roadmap for an ERP implementation, culture change, the sales organization, distribution strategy, new product rollout, and branding.


Prior to joining The Grove Consultants, Laurie was managing partner of Toland Associates, a management-consulting firm focused on strategy development. In entrepreneurial and turn-around situations, Laurie has successfully managed rapidly changing organizations. As executive director of Pro-Action Associates, a leading experience-based training company specializing in team development, she designed and delivered training programs for a variety of high-performance teams: executive, cross-functional, self-managed and project teams.

Laurie has an MBA from Simmons Graduate School of Management, with an organizational behavior emphasis and awards in Marketing and Management. Her bachelor’s degree is in Conservation of Natural Resources from University of California, Berkeley. When she isn’t facilitating, Laurie thrives on bird watching, sea kayaking, coaching soccer and gardening with native and edible plants.

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